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Weird Food: Strange culinary combinations and recipes went viral, leaving us stunned.

Weird Food Trends Of 2022. Anything can quickly gain popularity in the vast social media landscape. This year, bizarre food combinations and recipes became popular online trends. While some of you might be curious to give it a try, others might wish to avoid these culinary fads at all costs.

5 Weird Food Trends:

Maggi Laddo
The internet went crazy over this odd food. Although Maggi has been employed in many strange cuisine experiments in the past, this tendency went too far. The user made ladoos out of uncooked Maggi, butter, jaggery, and cardamom powder. Definitely not going to try that.
Cheese Chai
From pizza to dosa, people have been employing cheese in a wide range of foods. However, this time, a user of the internet gave the traditional chai a cheesy twist. A user commented, “I’ve vomited three times after viewing this,” indicating how odd this combination was.
Ice Cream With Garlic Cloves
Ever consider including garlic in a dessert? No, but here is yet another bizarre dish that shocked the internet. Popsicles or ice cream were made primarily out of garlic. A blogger peeled garlic cloves and added it to a mould of water. The ice cream was then frozen when he inserted a popsicle stick into it.
Golgappa Shake
Another unpleasant trend that was created by a user using a mixer grinder is another addition to this collection of trends. In order to make a liquid-like drink, the golgappa shells, potato mix, golgappa water, and chutney are all put in a blender. The concoction is then transferred to a glass after being blended.

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Fruit Dosa
While many people prefer the traditional dosa, others desire fusion and wish to expand their palates to include Chinese dosa. Have you, however, heard of fruit dosa? Apple, banana, grapes, and chopped dry fruits were used to make masala in this bizarre recipe, along with pieces of paneer and a number of sauces. After that, a crisp, golden-brown dosa was covered in masala.

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