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let’s know about the delicious kachoris found in different places

Delicious kachoris: A Awadhi dish that became very popular in Rajasthan and then gained its credibility in the rest of the states of India. Yes, we are talking about fried, spicy filling-filled dumplings. They are stuffed with onions, lentils and peas and it is very much liked as a snack.

Like rajasthan’s onion kachori, kota kachori is also very popular. Not only this, the popularity of Mawa Kachori of Jodhpur is worth seeing. No one can go to Jodhpur and eat Mawa Kachori, this cannot happen. You must have enjoyed kachori, but how many types of kachoris have you tasted? Today let’s know about the delicious kachoris found in different place

Mawa Kachori
If you have eaten only onion and pea kachori, then you must go to Jodhpur once. Mave kachori is very popular in Jodhpur. It is not spicy, but sweet. Mawa, saffron, sugar and dry fruits are added to it. This kachori is fried in pure desi ghee. This traditional recipe has been a part of Jodhpur’s rich history for many years. Make sure to enjoy it once in your Jodhpur trip.
Potato kachori

In every city of Uttar Pradesh, you will also see hot kachori stalls. Different types of dumplings are also made here. But the most popular ingredient of kachori is potato. Potato kachori is preferred in many areas. The potatoes are roasted with spices and stuffed in a maida kachori and then fried and served with potato tomato vegetable. Some people also serve yogurt and chutney with vegetables.

Raj Kachori

How can you miss this kachori? It is very popular in many areas of North India. Unlike the usual kachoris, it is served as a chaat. Raj Kachori is broken from the middle, spiced filling stuffed in it and then served with sev, pomegranate, green coriander, onion, chaat masala and curd, sour-sweet chutney. By the way, it is less likely that you have never tasted it, but if you did not, then definitely do it.

Keema’s kachori

It is also called Lahori Keema Kachori and is made on Eid. Hearing the name, you must have come to know that there is a filling of non-vegetarian mince inside it. Those who like keema should also test this kachori. The spices are also different, but the taste is great. Try eating it with green mint chutney, you will like to eat this again and again.

Paneer kachori

Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are called strongholds of kachoris. Paneer-stuffed kachori is also very much liked here along with other stuffings. Some people also add peas with cheese and then roast it with spices. You can eat it by serving it with a thick gravy.


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