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Test Atlas has ranked 4 chicken dishes of India, let’s know about it

Chicken dishes are liked not only in India but all over the world. Not one or two but many types of dishes are made from chicken. There are many dishes made from the kitchen in India itself. From fried chicken to tandoori chicken, the popularity of many types of chicken dishes remains among the people.

Looking at the popularity of chicken dishes around the world, Test Atlas has released a list ranking the 50 best chicken dishes, in which three chicken dishes from India have also made it. Test Atlas is a food ranking site that ranks the best foods and beverages around the world. Recently the rating and ranking of the best chicken dishes have been released on 23 June 2023. Let’s know about this list and the specialty of the Indian chicken dish included in it.

Chicken Makhani

This delicious and delicious chicken makhani made in India has been ranked at the third place. Murg makhani is spicy, pungent and sweet chicken dish. For non-veg eaters, this is a special dish that is eaten with roti, naan or rumali roti. A lot of aromatic spices are used to make chicken makhani. This dish has been rated 4.6 by Test Atlas.

Chicken Tikka
Just like vegetarians like paneer tikka, non-veg lovers like chicken tikka. In the ranking of the Test Atlas, Chicken Tikka has been rated 4.6 in fourth place. Chicken tikka is made by marinating the chicken with tandoori spices, red chillies, garam masala, ginger-garlic paste and Indian spices.
Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken has been ranked 4th by the Test Atlas with a rating of 4.19. Marinated with aromatic spices and cooked in tandoor, this tandoori chicken is very much liked by chicken lovers. Cooked in a grill or tandoor, this tandoori chicken looks very tasty with salad, lemon juice, mint chutney.

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Chicken 65

This chicken dish is very much liked by non-veg eaters. It is preferred as a starter in South India, but is gradually becoming popular in North India as well. It has been ranked 4th out of 4 by Test Atlas with a 50.25 rating. Simple to make and amazing to eat chicken 65 recipe can be made anytime.


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