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These unique fruits are found in India, have you tasted them?

Since childhood, we all have been hearing that fruits are beneficial for our health. We must eat fruits regularly. Also, there are many fruits which are seasonal, which you will get in the market only in their fixed time. Like in summer you get to eat many fruits like mango, watermelon and grapes.

If you are bored of eating these seasonal fruits or fruits available every season, then we will tell you about some such rare fruits which are available in India but they come in the category of rare fruits. If you ever see this fruit, then definitely taste it once.

Finger Citron

This fruit is known as the hand of Buddha. You will not find this fruit everywhere. In India, this fruit is grown in the lower region of the Himalayas. In Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese, it is known as Buddha’s hand. This fruit looks like long fingers of yellow colored hands.

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This fruit is available only for a short time in the month of May. This fruit, which looks like a golden yellow berry, is good to eat only after it is fully ripe. It is a seasonal fruit grown in central India and the Deccan peninsula. This fruit looks like neem nimboli in appearance and is sweet in taste. Generally this fruit is found in the regions of North India.


Bilimbi is grown in Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Goa. This sour fruit is used to make jam and chutney. To reduce the sourness of this fruit, first soak it in salt water and only then eat it.

Japanese Fruit

It is known as Persimmon in English. This fruit is available to eat in the month of November-December. The cultivation of this fruit is done mainly in the hilly regions apart from the Himalayas, North and Central India. This fruit of yellow, orange and dark brown color is sweet and tasty to eat. It is known as Tendu in Hindi. It is a wild fruit and its leaves are used to make beedis.


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