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Some special fruits, vegetables and spices must be in our kitchen, according to Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, in the summer season, we should include cold things in our diet. In the summer season, some special fruits, vegetables and spices must be in our kitchen.

You must change the diet in the summer. Stale and spicy food should be avoided these days. At the same time, water should also be drunk in large quantities. There should be no shortage of water in the body during the summer season. According to Ayurveda, due to the increase in temperature in summer, there is an excess of bile defects in our body, which can cause many problems. To balance the body heat in this season, some changes in food and drink are very important. Cold spices, water-rich fruits and nutrient-rich vegetables should be made part of your diet.

It is very important to have some special things in the kitchen so that the heat of heat and weather can not harm our body. From vegetables to spices, according to Ayurveda, there are a few things to always keep at home in summer. Ayurvedic doctor Nitika Kohli has shared information about this from her Instagram account.


Although fruits benefit in every season, but in summer, some healthy fruits must be part of your diet. According to Ayurveda, the balance of all types of tests should be maintained in the body. In summer, one should eat citrus, sweet and some astringent fruits. Berries, cherries, grapes, plums, pomegranates, melons, watermelons, peaches, bananas and apples are best for summer. There is no shortage of water in the body, so water rich fruits must be eaten in summer.

Sweet, astringent and bitter vegetables should be eaten in summer. This helps to maintain balance in the body. Cucumbers, potatoes, beans, spinach, bitter gourd, okra, gourd and pumpkin should be in your fridge. Include them in your diet. Which spices should be used while making these vegetables are also mentioned in Ayurveda.

If you talk about spices, then while cooking in summer, cold spices should be used. Excess of bile defects can cause problems like stomach heat, loss of appetite and skin rashes. In such a situation, cold spices like fennel, coriander, cardamom and cumin not only balance the taste but also reduce the heat inside the body. Apart from this, while cooking, spices like asafoetida, which help in digestion, must be included.


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