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These amazing mutton recipes will double the celebration of Bakra Eid

Preparations to celebrate Bakra Eid all over the world have started in full swing. One of the most important festivals in the religion of Islam is Eid-al-Adha which is known as Bakra Eid. On this occasion, dishes made of meat are tasted, so on this occasion of Bakra Eid, Muslim families make a variety of mutton dishes. On this special occasion of Bakra Eid, if you are looking for a special dish, then we have brought the names of some of your dishes, which can be made on the occasion of Eid.

Awadhi Mutton Biryani

Make Awadhi Mutton Biryani at home to double the celebration of Bakra Eid. This dish will enhance the elegance of your dinner party. To make Awadhi Mutton Biryani, the mutton is marinated and cooked, then cook the mutton on a low flame with spiced biryani. This Awadhi mutton biryani is famous for its taste and aroma. Make this dish to give a new taste to the guests’ tongue.

Galoti kebabs

The main attraction of Awadhi dishes, Galoti Kebab, was first made for the Nawab of Lucknow. Galoti kebab is tender and juicy in taste. When this first kebab recipe was first made, 150 spices were used in it. Many types of kebabs are made around the world. One of them is the mince of mutton to make another special Galoti kebab. Also, desi ghee is used to cook it.

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Badami Lamb Korma

Prepared with creamy almond flavor, this lamb korma is going to be remembered by your guests once you eat it. Mutton recipe prepared with the taste and aroma of almond creamy paste, yogurt and spices is quite unique in its taste. On this special occasion of Bakra Eid, you can serve this lamb korma dish made with badami flavor with roti, naan and rice. You are definitely going to like the unique taste of almonds.


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