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The countdown for the release of the mega budget film Adipurush has started

The countdown for the release of the mega budget film Adipurush has started. The final trailer of the film was released on May 6. The trailer was released during a grand event at Sri Venkateswara University Stadium in Tirupati. Now an interesting thing has come out about this trailer launch.

It is being said that the amount spent to make this event grand is equal to the fees of the film’s lead actress Kriti Sanon.

According to media reports, firecrackers worth Rs 50 lakh were burnt in this event.

While Rs 2.5 crore was spent on decorating the stadium. On the other hand, Kriti Sanon has charged a fee of Rs 50 crore to work in the film. Accordingly, both the expenses incurred on the event and Kriti’s fees are equal.

The budget of Adipurush received before the release of the film is about 500 crores. It is said to be the most expensive film ever made. The film, which is made in Rs 432 crore, has a big challenge to earn profits.

Now according to the report of Bollywood Hungama, the film has already taken out 85% of its budget. It has already earned about 432 crores. The film has withdrawn Rs 247 crore from satellite rights, digital rights and music rights. At the same time, Rs 185 crore has come as theater revenue under minimum guarantee in the South Circuit.

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As far as the fees of the film’s starcast are concerned, many reports have come out about it. According to some reports, Prabhas has charged more than 100 crores for the film.

At the same time, actor Saif Ali Khan, who played Lankesh, has been given 12 crores. Kriti Sanon has been charged Rs 3 crore, while Laxman-turned-actor Sunny Singh has charged Rs 1.5 crore. Sonal Chauhan also has an important role in the film. He has charged 50 lakhs for the film.

What’s special about the final trailer?

Some amazing shots of the war sequence have been seen in the trailer. It begins when Ravana kidnaps Sita Mata. After this, Shriram prepares his army and invites Ravana to war. The entire trailer is full of heavy VFX and action scenes. Apart from this, there are many great dialogues in it.


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