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The feature of climate control in car has now become common, this feature gives a Shimla-like feel

Climate control: Everyone is troubled by the scorching heat. Someone resorts to a fan, someone resorts to AC, then no one gets out of the house. But is all this a permanent solution? How long can you stay hidden in the house to avoid the heat? And how long can you endure this heat like this? Even after doing all these things, you are not able to get rid of the heat. Or do you also get worse in the heat and the scorching heat continues to tease you every time?

Now is the time to change your car, not worry. Because such cars have come in the market that will cool the heat and you will forget your tension. Today we are going to tell you the list of such vehicles that come with climate control feature and touch the heat.

Renault Kwid 

Renault Kwid Datsun is priced at Rs 4,69,000 lakh in the market. The car has two NA petrol engines of 799 cc and 999 cc. This crossover-style entry-level car got a facelift at the end of 2019 and today it also gets Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, an LED digital instrument cluster as new features.

TATA Tiago

This car, which comes with climate control feature, also gets dual airbags, dynamic guideline parking, which makes it special from others. This hatchback, which comes with corner stability control, will be available in the market for 5 lakh 60 thousand rupees.

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As a feature of the car, a SmartPlay 2.0 integration with 7-inch touchscreen infotainment is available. Also, features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, automatic climate control feature, LED headlamps, multi-info display with TFT screen, push-button start/stop, steering mounted audio control and Bluetooth control will be enough to entice you. But despite all this, if your mind is not filled, then know that it will be available at an affordable price of only 5 lakh 84 thousand.



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