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Tamil Nadu is renowned for having the best traditional cuisine in India, try 5 traditional dishes

Tamil Nadu is well-known in India for offering tourists a wealth of culinary treats to savour. The way Tamil Nadu’s traditional culture is incorporated into each delectable meal is another fascinating aspect of the state. The following are five delicacies from Tamil Nadu cuisine that you should try:


In Tamil Nadu, poriyal is a well-liked vegetarian dish. It is a dish of sauteed veggies created with a lot of spices and vegetables that have been chopped or shred. The meal is made by frying urad dal, mustard seeds, onions, and your choice of veggie with seasonings, herbs, and dried red chillies. Together with sambar, rasam, and yoghurt, this dish is offered.

Banana Bonda

This wonderful banana bonda is a must-try when in Tamil Nadu. The perfect time to eat this savoury dish is as a teatime snack. It is filled with banana and fried in oil after that. In contrast to the usual hot bonda, this is sweet due of the banana.

Paruppu Payasam 

One of Tamil Nadu’s best sweet foods is the Paruppu Payasam. Moong dal is first roasted before being pressure cooked to make this dish. The cooked moong dal is combined with little additional jaggery syrup. It has a rich, creamy flavour and texture and is served with roasted cashew nuts.

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Prawns Kuzhambu

One of Tamil Nadu’s most well-known non-vegetarian dishes is prawn kuzhambu. The marinated prawns are made with a delightful rich gravy, tempered spices, onion, tomato, and herbs. Often, this meal is served with rice, chapati, dosa, and idli.

Takkali Sadam

Tomato rice is another name for takkali sadam. This dish is made using rice, onions, tomatoes, and other components. It is made in the pulao manner, and the main ingredient, tomato, gives it a sour flavour. It is also among the most popular and well-liked rice meals in Tamil Nadu, where it is typically had during lunch.


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