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Summer melon shake will quench thirst, prepare the recipe in 10 minutes

Half of May has passed and the weather has confused everyone. No one knows when it’s sunny and when it’s raining. But there is a fence that despite the wind, the weather is hot. If you leave the house after 9 o’clock in the morning, then the scorching heat makes you restless. In such a situation, as soon as you reach home, you reach two things, one is the AC remote and the other is the cold water of the fridge. These things can come in handy to relieve heat, but it also affects your health melon.

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Now in the summer, it is advisable to eat such fruits that do not let your body lack water. Watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, melon are some of the things that are very much liked in summer. That is why today we will share you a delicious and quick recipe made from melons.

The amount of water in melons is very high and it works to hydrate your body. Not only this, you will not get a good immunity booster from this. The shake we are going to tell you today was shared by chef Kunal Kapoor on Instagram. What could be better than melons to quench thirst in summer! Learn this recipe of Chef Kunal Kapoor in Recipe of the Day today, which you will be able to prepare in 10 minutes. It is a perfect drink for hot days.

How to make –

  • Bring as many melons as you want to prepare the shake for. You can choose large or small melons according to your own.
  • First of all, remove the top part of them one by one. Let the melon peel remain like this. After this, cut at least 2 inches from the top. There should be so many holes in the melon that the shake can easily go into it and you can also put straws.
  • Now remove the melon seeds first with the help of a large spoon. Clean the melon thoroughly and then empty it from inside. Remove its pulp and place it in a separate plate or bowl.
  • In a blender, add melon pulp, condensed milk, nutmeg powder, mint leaves and ice cubes and blend well. These things should be prepared in a smooth shake.
  • Put the prepared smooth shake inside the melon and mix it once with a straw and enjoy it. You can also serve these refreshing drinks to your guests.

Melon Shake Recipe 

  • 2 Melons
  • A handful of mint leaves
  • 2 Tbsp condensed milk
  • 3-4 ice cubes
  • Nutmeg powder
Step 1
Clean the melon and cut it from the top. There should be so many holes in the melon that its seeds Get out.
Step 2
Now remove its seeds and then remove the pulp and separate it. Pulp, Condensed Milk, Ice, Peppermint And make a shake by blending nutmeg powder.
Step 3
Put this prepared shake inside the melon and enjoy it by adding fancy straws.

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