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Pakodas are very good with tea, also know when and where this dish came from.

Origin of the Pakodas dish: Whether it’s winter or the rainy season, if dumplings are combined with tea, everyone’s heart is warmed. How much do you currently know about these dumplings? Let’s explain how the delicious potato-onion dumplings go to our dish.
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Although we occasionally enjoy pizza, hamburgers, and other unusual foods, Indian cuisine has the best flavour. Whether it’s a food that is tasted with tea or a typical sweet. How can we discuss tea and not include the dumplings? So allow us to explain this little dish that treats hunger to you today. Dumplings, like samosas, are either foreign or were created by the locals of the country.
Pakodas are sometimes referred to as dumplings, bhajiya, or even pukra or fukra. Everyone’s heart is warmed by dumplings and tea, regardless of whether it is the winter or rainy season. How much do you currently know about these dumplings? Let’s clarify what we mean by “how to deliver the excellent potato-onion dumplings to our dish.”
Pure Indian dish is pakoda
whenever you eat pakodas, eat it with pride because it is purely a desi dish. In Sanskrit, it is called “Pakkwat”, which can be mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. Pakwa means cooked here and Vata means small pieces. Pakodas are basically vegetarian dishes, but after the arrival of the Mughals, the royal chefs made dumplings ranging from eggs to chicken, mutton. In the meantime, it became pure. In Dravidian i.e. Tamil language, it was always pakoda, but in different parts it was known by different names.

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People in our country like potato-onion dumplings very much, but they were first made when the Portuguese brought potatoes in the 16th century. Potato and onion dumplings are the most preferred in our country. Apart from their country, people like this dish very much in Britain and America. In China, Afghanistan, Malaysia and Nepal, it is also sold as street food, while in Somalia it is also called. In many food chains, dumplings are sold under a variety of names, but surprisingly, this original dish does not even have a patent after India.

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