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Not one or two gourds can make many delicious dishes

Nowadays children do not like to eat green vegetables like gourd, pumpkin, zucchini. Children start making mouths as soon as they hear their names and avoid eating vegetables. But do you know that these vegetables contain plenty of nutrients, which are extremely beneficial and beneficial for our health. In addition to winter, gourd vegetable is now available in the market in summer. When gourd vegetable is made in homes, no one likes its taste, so do you know that you can make many other dishes besides vegetables from gourd. Let’s know about it..

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Gourds dumplings

In the winter and rainy season, you can enjoy delicious crunchy dumplings made from hot gourd. To make it, you first peel the gourd and grate it well. Now mix it well with green chillies, onions, salt in the gram flour mixture and leave it for some time. Till then, heat oil in a pan and deep fry it while adding dumplings. Bake well until golden and serve hot with chutney, sauce and yogurt. These nutrient-rich dumplings of gourd will also be liked by children.

Gourds ice

Apart from Navratri fast, you can make ice from gourd anytime. From children to adults, they would like to eat it more than a vegetable. You don’t have to do much to make ice from gourd. First of all, wash and grate the gourd ¬†and heat the milk in a pot and add gourd and sugar to it and stir it well till the milk is absorbed. When the mixture thickens, add khoya and coconut powder and cardamom powder to it, cook for some more time and cool in the plate and cut it into ice shape.

Gourds pudding

Gourd pudding is made just like barfi. To make pudding, you finely chop the gourd and heat the ghee in a pan and fry the gourd. When the gourd is well roasted, add milk to it and let it cook with milk. When the pudding thickens, add sugar, cardamom powder, khoya and dry fruits and cook them all well for a while and serve hot.

Here is a delicious recipe made from gourd, in which you can also make halwa and barfi for fasting. We hope you liked this article and like it and share it. Stay connected with every life to keep reading such articles.


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