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Why white sheets are always laid in hotel rooms, you may not know

Whenever we go out for a walk, we stay in a hotel or guest house. But, have you ever wondered why the white sheet is always laid on the bed in the hotel or guest house where you sleep?

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Find out why this happens today…

If you do not even know, then today know why white sheets are always laid in hotel rooms?

That’s the big reason.

Actually, bedsheets are extremely easy to clean. Every room in hotels has several sheets, which are cleaned by putting bleach together. They are immersed in chlorine together, the chlorine layer is also removed during cleaning and the color of the sheet remains the same.

White sheets are cheaper…

Looking at the white bed sheet in the hotel, there is a feeling of staying in luxury. Apart from this, white sheets are cheap and they are also thick in fabric, which can be used for a long time.

Peace and positive vibes come.

White sheets bring peace and positive vibes. The mind also gets a lot of comfort and happiness.

Earlier, colored sheets were used.

Before the 1990s, coloured sheets were used in hotels.

Maintenance was quite easy

They were also very easy to maintain, the stains in it were easily hidden.

This is how the change happened

Later, hotel designers in Westin conducted a research, in which it was said that a luxury bed for guests means to comfort them and take care of cleanliness. After which the practice of white sheets started.


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