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How to Cut and De-Seed a Pomegranate in 3 Easy Ways.

Although pomegranate are a tasty fruit to consume, getting the seeds out of the shell is very time-consuming. Antioxidants found in abundance in this sweet fruit aid in the body’s detoxification process. Pomegranate juice can also help lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol if you drink it every day. Here are three easy methods that will make extracting pomegranate seeds a breeze if you, like me, love pomegranates but are frequently hesitant to do so.

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  1. Cut and Scoop method

The first method is the simplest, and the pomegranate seeds will come out with ease using this approach. Start by removing the crown (the top of the pomegranate). Make sure the seeds are visible and remove the fruit’s top white layer as well. Make six cuts in the fruit now. The cuts must be horizontal, begin at the top, and proceed straight down to the bottom. Now take a belan from the fruit. For about a minute, gently tap the fruit from all sides. Simply use a gentle tug to separate the fruit segments you previously cut. Use a spoon or your fingers to carefully scoop out the seeds from each section as you hold it over a bowl.

2. Roll and Tap method

The Roll and Tap approach is an additional strategy. Roll the pomegranate fruit on a sturdy surface, such as a kitchen countertop. Make sure to apply some pressure, but not too much as it might cause the fruit to crack open. For about 1-2 minutes, gently roll the fruit back and forth on the kitchen slab. This successfully separates the seeds from their internal membranes. The seeds will thus be easily released once the crown has been removed and the fruit has been cut. Scoop out the remaining seeds after collecting the seeds in a bowl.

3.Underwater method

You must submerge the pomegranate in water before using this method because it will also aid in the seeds’ slight loosening. Simply remove the pomegranate’s crown and divide the fruit into two or three pieces. Now put some water in a pot and heat it up. Turn off the heat when the water reaches lukewarm temperature. For two to three minutes, dip the fruit in it. Now, under the water, separate the seeds from the membranes using your fingers. The membrane will float to the top of the bowl while the seeds will sink to the bottom. Pomegranate seeds should be strained after waste removal.


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