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Fiji Eases Entry Restrictions now fully open for International Travelers.

According to the most recent news reports, foreign visitors to Fiji will no longer need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and travel insurance.

According to reports, this most recent action was taken after the nation’s COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Taskforce (CRMT), which is now applicable to both arrivals by air and sea, carefully considered the global and national COVID-19 situation.

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Fiji Tourism CEO Brent Hill referred to this and added that there are currently no protocols, restrictions, vaccination requirements, or COVID-19 tests in place as the industry applauds the decision and welcomes visitors from around the world to experience Fiji.

However, he went on to say that they strongly advise tourists to get travel insurance and take the necessary precautions to keep themselves healthy and be able to maximise their time in Fiji.

Previously, travellers 16 and older had to provide proof of COVID-19 travel insurance as well as complete records of their immunisations. Fiji, one of the first nations to open its borders in December 2021, asserted in 2022 that it was experiencing a robust recovery that exceeded expectations.

According to the nation’s Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), hospitalisation remained low because of its community-wide immunisation policy and in-country surveillance capacity. And right now, they are concentrating on putting COVID safe measures in place around those who are most susceptible to the harmful effects of COVID-19.


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