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Here are some simple and delicious recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings for Bengali fish

Fish dishes are a mainstay of Bengali cuisine and are well-known for being delectable. Bengalis take great pride in their seafood. Which is cooked using a variety of methods and seasonings to provide a wide range of tastes and textures. Nevertheless, not everyone has access to or the means to travel to Bengal to partake in real Bengali fish meals.

Fish Paturi

The word “paturi,” which describes how paturi is cooked on a flat layer over low heat, typically in a leaf bundle, stems from the word “patri,” which implies a slab of stone, according to food historians.

Use the boneless fillet of bhetki, hilsa, or rohu for this recipe and marinade it in a mixture of mustard paste, coconut paste, green chilli, poppy seed paste, mustard oil, turmeric, and salt. The fish fillet should be wrapped in a banana leaf, tied, and cooked in steam over a low flame. This mouthwatering delicacy is one of a kind and a must-have for practically all special occasions.

Fish Kalia

The two common freshwater fishes in West Bengal used to produce this meal are rohu or katla (catla). Take medium-sized fish pieces, marinate them for at least 30 minutes in salt and turmeric, and then fry them thoroughly in oil. As the fish is being fried, brown some onions in oil and set them aside. In the meantime, grind additional onion, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, and green chilies in a mixer.

Dried red chilies, bay leaves, whole garam masala (cinnamon, cloves, cardamom), and whole cumin seeds are added to a skillet and heated in ghee. Add the onion and ginger paste and continue to sauté it until the colour darkens and the moisture evaporates, causing the oil to begin to ooze out. Salt, turmeric, red chilli powder, coriander, cumin, and other dry powdered spices are added and fried for a while. Before adding the fried onions on top, add the fish, a little water, and cook the dish for a while.

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Prawn Malaikari

A Bengali wedding or any other Bong event must have this item. Medium-sized prawns are used in this meal, which is made with coconut milk, other spices, mustard, poppy seeds, and coconut paste. The prawns should first be marinated in salt and turmeric powder. Dried red chilies, bay leaves, whole cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon should all be placed in a skillet with ghee. Cook the onion and ginger paste till brown. Add a little coconut milk, turmeric powder, and red chilli powder. Add the beaten yoghurt and the sliced green chilies, then stir for three to four minutes. Cook for an additional five minutes before adding more coconut milk and cooked prawns.


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