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Jowar is an excellent choice for people looking to lose weight

Sorghum or jowar is well known for not containing gluten. It provides whole grain deliciousness. It is a common staple in India and is well-liked by those trying to lose weight.

Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are the states that produce the bulk of this millet. With the release of the Budget 2023, the country’s residents, farmers, and government have all given it a great deal of attention.

Since about 4000 years ago, people have been cultivating jowar, from North-eastern Africans to native Indians. Among the top exporters of this grain from the millet family are Nigeria and India. After corn, wheat, rice, and barley, it ranks among the top cereal crops.

The Nutritional Values of Jowar

Iron is abundant in jowar. The grain includes at least 8.45gm of the mineral, which can treat a number of illnesses, in one cup. It also has a lot of magnesium, which is good for the health of your bones. The body uses magnesium to absorb calcium. As a result, include jowar in your diet may be a smart option if you feel joint pain.

The grain is a good source of micronutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Antioxidants, copper, and zinc are all present. It contains a lot of protein, which aids in the body’s re-energizing and cell regeneration processes.

How Does Jowar Help in Weight Loss?

Jowar is especially beneficial for those who have gluten sensitivities because it is gluten-free. Moreover, it takes time to digest, so you have a prolonged feeling of satiety. As a result, consuming jowar will prevent you from getting the need to eat junk food and other bad foods.

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The grain’s fibre content guarantees efficient digestion. As a result, it benefits those trying to lose weight.

How Can Jowar Be Added To Your Diet For Weight Loss?

To produce airy bread, use jowar flour (atta) (rotis). Making khichdi with a few of your favourite lentils might be a great decision (dal). It can also be combined with buttermilk, which is a healthy summertime addition to your diet and aids in weight loss.


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