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Winter special: make the perfect punjabi pinni recipe in winter

Pinni is a winter recipe from Punjab and North India. It resembles a laddu made with desi ghee, jaggery, wheat flour, and almonds. We frequently make pinnis out of these things, but they are either broken Jats or strangely wet. If you want to make a fearless Punjabi style pinni, follow Huyamer’s tips.

Do not skimp on the ghee.

When Punjabis prepare pinni, they use a lot of ghee in the recipe. As a result, when making pinni, don’t skimp on the ghee. The more ghee there is, the softer the pages will be.

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Cook the glue correctly.

Remember to give the gond plenty of time to cook. Remove the glue from the gas when it turns golden in colour. If the glue is not thoroughly cooked, it can become stuck in the teeth while eating pinni, causing difficulty for the elderly and children. So, on a medium heat, thoroughly cook the glue.

Cook the dough thoroughly in ghee.

When cooking the dough in ghee, keep in mind to cook it on a low flame until it is slightly worse. Don’t be too hurried. If you want to know if the flour or gramme flour is cooked, the way to tell is that when it comes or besan is cooked, it will leave ghee on the side.

Instead of sugar, use jaggery.

If you want to make your homemade pinni even healthier, use jaggery instead of sugar. In the winter, jaggery is very healthy, and its pinni is also beneficial.

Dry fruits should be fried.

Fry the dry fruits before adding them to the pinni. It tastes good when you add dry fruits after frying. You can also grind dry fruits in a mixer and use its bumblebee if you prefer.

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