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Visiting Andhra Pradesh? Here Are 6 Must-Try Street Food Options

Andhra Pradesh is know n for its significant heritage and rich cultural legacy. Each part of the state is home to a vast selection of delicious street food options. So if you are someone visiting this beautiful state, here are some tasty options that are worth a try:

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1. Punugulu

This mouthwatering street food is make with rice, urad dal batter, and variety of spices. The snack is offered with selection of chutneys, including tomato and coconut. You can also make punugulu with left-over dosa or idli batter. These are primarily found at beaches.

2. Mirchi Bajji

Mirchi Bajji is yet another well know Andhra Pradesh street food.This fritter is hot and deep-fried. Green chilies battered with gramme flour are used to make it. This is served hot with tomato sauce, green chutney, and freshly chopped lemon-onion mixture.

3. Egg Bonda 

Egg Bonda is popularly know as egg bajji or egg pakora. This is prepare by dipping boiled eggs in gram flour batter. It is mad with a lot of regional spices, and red and green chillies. It is serve with freshly slice onion, lemon juice, and some coriander it.

4. Tomato Bajji  

This tasty street food is mad e by dipping tomatoes in gramme flour batter before deep-frying them. The tomatoes are down the middle to remove the flesh. The tomato cups are then stuff with a mixture of puffed rice and served with peanuts.

5. Chakodi  

Another crunchy choice is chakodi. This well-known street food from Andhra Pradesh is  with moong dal, rice flour batter, some local spices, cumin seeds, red chilli powder, and sesame seeds. It is widely available throughout the entire state.

6. Ulli Karam Dosa

Ulli means “onions,” and Karam means “hot/spicy.” The key ingredients in this dish are dry red chilies and onions. Dosa topped with shredded cheese, coriander leaves, and freshly made chutney. It is serve hot with classic coconut chutney.


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