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Try jaggery in cucumber salad: this recipe is not only easy but also unique

Cucumber is consumed more frequently in the summer since it is cool and light on the stomach. Everyone like eating cucumbers for this reason, however typically people season them with salt. Many individuals prepare and consume cucumber salad, however when we do so again, we become tired and uninterested in the food.

Thus, we’ve provided you with a fresh recipe for cucumber salad today. It has a very distinctive flavour that Kunal created by using jaggery tadka.

Fresh cucumbers should be properly washed and rinsed because they frequently have a lot of sand and debris in them. The cucumbers must be sliced for use after being washed. A cucumber slicer or a knife can be used to make longer slices. Although they should be kept in the refrigerator in a plastic bag, cucumbers should be used within one or two days.


3 cucumbers

1 chopped capsicum
3 tbsp jaggery
According to taste – salt
5 tbsp – Lemon juice
1 inch piece of ginger
3 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tbsp – Sesame oil
1 tbsp sesame seeds (roasted)

How to make

1. Wash, peel, and chop the cucumbers into thin slices before preparing the cucumber salad. Furthermore, cucumbers with peels can be used. There are numerous varieties of molasses, not just one.

2. If there is no jaggery, you may also add honey or sugar to the bowl with a small bit of jaggery in it for the dressing. Add salt and a little lemon juice after the sugar.

3. Grate the ginger, add a little soy sauce, and thoroughly combine all the ingredients. Add some sesame oil to this mixture now.

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4. Sesame oil can also be substituted with olive oil. Olive oil has several health advantages.

5. Roasted sesame seeds should now be added. Mix it thoroughly after adding the sesame seeds till the jaggery is totally dissolved.

6. After tasting the mixture, add salt or other spices if anything appears lacking. Only your clothing is prepared.


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