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These amazing snacks are made from moong dal across the country, know you too

Consuming pulses snacks is considered very good for health. However, most people do not like to eat lentils and they make different excuses to avoid it. However, if you want to eat moong dal in a new style, then making snacks from it can be a good idea. In the evening, when you feel like eating some snacks, then amazing snacks made with the help of moong dal can be eaten.

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Well, you may not know, but almost every regional dish in India has at least one moong dal snack. In such a situation, you have many different ways to eat moong dal. So let us tell you about some such moong dal snacks in this article today, which are made and eaten with great interest in every corner of the country-

Moong Dal Kachori

Moong Dal Kachori is now eaten by people all over the country, but it is famous in Rajasthan. In particular, moong dal kachori in Jodhpur is a signature dish, prepared with the help of many spices. Here you get a chance to taste the real taste of Moong Dal Kachori. These moong dal kachoris are served with chutney.

Moong Dal Pandoli

You may not have heard the name of Moong Dal Pandoli, but it is quite famous in Gujarat. This moong dal pandoli is an idli-like steamed dish of gujarat state. which is served with chutney. They are prepared by hand, so it is very difficult to make them. Now people have also started using idli makers to make them.

Moong Dal Murukku

Mong Dal Murukku is also known as Pathamparuppu Murukku. Moong Dal Murukku is a South Indian snack popularly known as Chakli in North India. Murukku is prepared from a solution of moong dal and rice flour. Afterwards, it is deep fried in oil and served by cooling.

moong puli

Moong Puli or Moong Dal Puli is made in West Bengal and Assam. It is a sweet snack, the outer covering of which is prepared from moong dal. At the same time, its stuffing is made with the help of coconut and molasses. This snack is quite tasty and people like to eat it in most homes.

Adai Idli

Adai Idli is made in the state of Tamil Nadu and is prepared from a mixture of not just moong dal but many other pulses. This moong dal adai idli is rich in protein, soft and very tasty. It can also be made with fruit salt or baking soda. It is not necessary to make fermentation for a long time to make it.

Moong Dal Muthia

Moong Dal Muthia is also a traditional snack of Gujarat, which is prepared with gram flour, gourd and spices in addition to mung dal. Mooong Dal Muthia is a protein rich snack. While making it, soaked moong dal is turned into a paste and then filled with spices, vegetables, etc. and steamed and then fried. It’s arguably a great breakfast with chutney and tea.

So now you must also try these moong dal snacks made in different states of India once and give a treat to your test bud.

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