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Summer Special: How to make black sour lemonade at home, note the recipe

In summer, we feel like drinking cold. If you feel like making and serving black sour lemonade at home. In summer, our body often sweats a lot, which leads to dehydration and lack of energy. Therefore, it is very important to get enough water to keep the body hydrated in this season, especially our children. This is because children drink water only when they feel thirsty.

In such a situation, parents remain worried about their health. If you too are worried about hydrating your baby this summer, then today we have brought a drink for you, which is tasty as well as healthy and will keep your child well hydrated and cool.

Black grapes – 1 cup
Black sour syrup – 3 tbsp

Snowflakes – 10
Lemon juice – 1/2 tbsp
Salt – as per taste
Black salt – to sprinkle
Mint twig – 1 (to decorate) Soda water – 1 cup

  • In a blender jar, add 1 cup of black grapes, 10 ice cubes, half a teaspoon – lemon juice, salt according to taste and grind it.
  • You can use water if needed. Now pour the crushed ice mixture into the serving glass.
  • Add a little black salt and 4 tablespoons black sour syrup on top and mix well.
  • If you don’t have black sour syrup, increase the amount of grapes. You should use 2 cups of grapes instead of one cup of grapes.
  • Now put mint stalks in the glass and add soda water and serve immediately. Just our black sour lemonade is ready.

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