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Story of the most popular desert Pudding

You may have eaten cakes, pastries, cupcakes, etc., but have eaten Pudding? Bread pudding is another form of cake, but it is also eaten abroad in salted form. It is a traditional dish that became very popular in France. Although it was not made in France, it started in Europe. also read:US Journalist Who Wore LGBTQ T-shirt Dies On Friday

What is bread pudding?
It can mean differently to everyone. Over time, there have been many changes and people have made it according to their own. However, its main structure is prepared from bread, which has a new flavor to the layer of delicious custard.

History of Bread Pudding
Looking back on the pages of history, it was made in Europe in the 11th and early 12th centuries.  After the 13th century, it made its special place in England. At that time, it was liked so much that there was a pudding bowl in every house.

It started in such a way that earlier when nothing happened in the name of dessert, people started eating bread soaked in their house. Then stale bread was often soaked in boiling water instead of a custard mixture of cream and eggs and dried before mixing with sugar and spices.

What is Christmas Pudding?
The first version of it originated in the 14th century. The British made porridge called ‘Froomti’ made of beef and mutton with raisins, wine, currant and spices.  The color of christmas pudding is usually dark and is made by soaking it with brandy or other alcohol. The Christmas tradition associated with it is still followed today.

The popularity of it has increased everywhere.
Gradually its popularity spread all over the world and in every country it was made and served differently. The traditional Lebanese rice pudding called Meghli made a vegetarian, gluten and dairy-free dessert, which began to be traditionally eaten to celebrate the birth of a baby.



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