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Scientists have discovered ways to successfully treat a heart attack-related injury in a rat

To benefit from cellular programming, scientists have discovered a particular set of proteins. so that there will be significantly less harm to the heart’s cells. Scientists have discovered ways to successfully treat a heart attack-related injury in a rat. The research, which was carried out at Sanford Burnham Prebis in the US. discovered that it could transform how numerous diseases, including heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and neuromuscular diseases, are treated.

What exactly is cell programming?

The body’s cells have the power to “turn on” and “turn off” the selected genes. For instance, cellular programming provides the foundation for altering someone’s appearance and behaviour. This is a new method of regenerative medicine in which cells are changed to restore harmed or damaged human tissues.

Lead author Alexander Kolas, Assistant Professor at Sanford Burnham Prebis, said, “Even if a person survives a heart attack, there is still a lot of damage to his heart, which increases the risk of subsequent heart problems. Theoretically, we could regulate any cell’s activity and appearance thanks to cellular programming.

The reprogramming mechanism has created barriers that have stopped this idea from moving from the research lab to the clinic. Despite the fact that it would greatly aid the body’s ability to heal itself.

Discovered four charah proteins

Four different protein types were discovered in the study, known as AJSZ, to address this issue. In a rat that had experienced a heart attack, “we were able to minimise heart harm and enhance heart function by up to 50% by limiting the activity of these proteins,” Kolas stated. ”

Scientists are confident that AJSZ can be present in many types of cells. Despite the fact that this study’s emphasis was on heart cells. He is confident that this approach will effectively treat many different ailments. This accomplishment, according to Kolas, is a crucial step towards turning these amazing biological ideas into functional treatments. ”

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The next stage of this research is to seek for various ways to prevent AJSZ proteins from doing their job. As for the study, Kolas stated, “Our findings also pave the path for the large-scale use of cell reprogramming in medicine. Being able to help the heart mend after a deep injury is an important medical necessity in itself.””


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