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Dasara Day 1: Nani and Keerthy Suresh’s Dasara emerges as the most preferred Indian movie choice worldwide

The movie Dasara with Nani and Keerthy Suresh had a fantastic first day at the box office. On the first day, it had an almost 75% greater opening day preference than Bholaa as the most popular Indian movie worldwide. On its opening day, the movie made over Rs 30 crores in revenue globally. With a global share of Rs 18 crores, the movie has already recovered about 40% of its costs.

The following table breaks down the box office revenue for Dasara in India by region (in gross):

Nizam: 9.52 crores rupees (Rs. 5.71 crores share excluding gst)
Ceeded: 2.20 crores rupees (Rs. 1.51 crores share)
6.59 crores in Andhra Pradesh (4.70 crores in hires included). Rs 3.82 crores (hires not included).

18.31 crores (including hiring, 11.92 crores) for AP/TS. In other words, 11.04 crores of rupees.

Karnataka: 2.30 crores of rupees
50 lakhs rupees for Tamil Nadu
Kerala: 10 lakhs rupees
India’s North: Rs. 60 lakhs

Rs 3.50 crores for the rest of India (Rs 1.65 crores share)

Amount for all of India: 21.81 crores (including hiring, 13.57 crores). In other words, 12.69 crores of rupees.

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The box office revenue for Dasara is broken down as follows globally (in gross):
India as a whole:

India – Rs 21.81 crores (Rs 12.69 crores)

USA – $910,000

Australia: USD 57k

New Zealand: $3,000.

GCC – $45,000 US

United Kingdom: $71,000

Rest: $34,000 USD

1.120 million USD = Rs. 9.21 billion (Rs 4.43 crores share)

Total Worldwide: Rs. 31.02 crores (including hiring, Rs. 18 crores). (Excluding hiring, Rs. 17.12 crores)

Day 2 of Dasara is also going well.

By a wide amount, Dasara’s opening-day earnings are the biggest ever for a Nani starring. The hold on day 2 is currently excellent as well, and if the movie keeps up this momentum, it will reach breakeven at all theatres by the end of the first week. The opening for Dasara was always anticipated to be Nani’s finest of his career, but the actual box office receipts have also beyond all expectations. Given that his most recent films haven’t been able to support his theatrical attraction, the outcome must be fantastic for Nani. Middle Class Abbayi, which debuted back in 2017, is now his highest-grossing film; however, Dasara will soon overtake it.


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