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Pregnancy: These things are still fed to women after childbirth

Pregnancy and the first six months following delivery are particularly noticeable for women. Women should pay extra attention to their diets throughout their pregnancies and after giving birth because even the smallest amount of carelessness can negatively impact both the mother’s and the child’s health. In this article, we’ll go over several key points about women’s postpartum diets, including what they should and shouldn’t eat. What other special foods are still provided to women to eat while giving birth, aside from this? Given that it is advisable for women to stay away from cold food after giving birth. Additionally, eating hot foods is advised to keep their bodies warm.

Pipli, Sonth, and Jaggery Laddu

Women are also given two to three laddoos every day throughout the pregnancy, which are made of fennel, pipli, and jaggery. All of these things are trendy and help women’s bodies heal more rapidly after giving birth. First, cook fennel, pipli, and black pepper in ghee to prepare the laddu. Then blend it in a mixer with the jaggery and ghee before using it to make laddoos.

Birli rice

Women should wear Birli. It is a particular kind of powder that is created by roasting pipli and turmeric powder in ghee, crushing it in a jar, and then combining it with hot ghee before being consumed and served with regular rice. Both warmth and energy are provided to the body by it.

Sesame, fenugreek and linseed laddoos

Different laddus are still produced from fenugreek, linseed, and sesame seeds and distributed as food in villages today. Despite their bitter flavour, they have numerous health advantages.

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Red betel nut water

After giving birth, ladies are given red betel nuts that have been boiled in water rather than regular water to drink.

Glue and Dry Fruits Laddoos

This laddu is created by thoroughly roasting the glue and dry fruit, then binding it with the aid of dates, figs, and jaggery. It benefits the body by strengthening it and promoting speedy healing.


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