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Learn from the dermatologist how many times a week to wash the hair to increase hair growth

Learn from the dermatologist how many times a week to wash the hair to increase hair growth. Like the body, hair cleaning should also be done regularly. Some people think that cleaning hair means shampooing. In such a situation, the question often arises that how many times should you wash hair in a week? Is it right to wash hair every day or should you wash hair every other day? Because experts believe that daily hair wash can also cause hair fall.

Know from the dermatologist how many times a week hair should be washed to increase hair growth(Know from dermatologist how many times in a week hair should be washed?)

Dermatologists say that hair hygiene depends on your lifestyle. Nevertheless, hair should be washed every second day or third day of the week. If someone sweats a lot, then he may need to wash his hair quickly. Due to sweat, dust, soil, hair roots can also become weak and hair loss can occur.

How many days should the hair be washed?

1. If the hair is itching or there is a itchy scalp, then you can wash the hair every other day.
2. Those who use mild shampoo can wash hair quickly.
3. Wash hair only two days a week with sulfate shampoo or hard shampoo.
4. Dandruff hair should also be washed quickly.

Don’t make these mistakes while washing your hair

Avoid hard shampoos: Anti-dandruff or sulfate shampoos should be avoided. It can damage the hair. Using them eliminates natural oil. Therefore, hair should be washed with sulfate-free mild shampoo. This keeps the hair moist.

Hair should not be washed with hot water. By doing this, the hair becomes dry and tangled. Solving this can cause a lot of hair breaking. Therefore, washing hair with hot water should be avoided.

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Do not rub your hair with a towel. This causes hair to break. Due to frizzy hair, they should always be dried using soft or T-shirts.

Conditioners are beneficial for hair

By using them, the hair becomes freeze free and the moisture of the hair is also maintained. This makes the hair silky and smooth. So do not be confused about conditioners.


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