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Do you use birth control pills too much? Be careful, know the side effects too

Birth control pills: Modern societies are self-dependent. Whether it is a man or a woman, they run their personal life according to their own. When the child feels the need, then they have a child. This option has been given to him by modern science. In this age of science, there are many means of contraception available, due to which women can prevent their pregnancy. It is especially needed for working women. The best means of contraception is the contraceptive pill. Women do not get pregnant after eating this pill. According to the NCBI, 25 percent of women of reproductive age in the US use birth control pills of their own free will.

Currently, three types of contraceptive pills are available in the market. One is the combined form of estrogen and progesterone. The second is only progesterone and the third is the extended pill. The work of all three is to prevent pregnancy but the method is different. But are these pills completely safe? Doesn’t it have any side effects?

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According to the NCBI, all three types of pills control the hormones responsible for pregnancy in the body of women. These tablets stop the process of egg formation. This means that the sperm and egg will not come together, which will not lead to pregnancy. Actually, before knowing the side effects of birth control pill, it is important to know how this pill works. When an egg is formed in the woman’s body, many types of things are produced before it, which does many types of hormones. After eating progesterone tablets, it reduces the gonadotropin releasing hormone, which does not make follicles stimulating hormone. Apart from this, another hormone LH is also not made to make eggs. That is, after eating the medicine, many types of hormones stop being made in the body. That is, the natural process that is happening in the woman’s body is stopped. When the natural process is stopped, it will obviously have side effects.

What are the side effects of the pill?

According to Medical News Today, the biggest side effect of birth control pills is that eating it keeps bleeding even between two periods. Although it is not like a period, the problem of light bleeding or brown discharge persists.

2. Nausea- Some women may have problems with nausea after eating the pill. However, it is not too much and gets better after eating.

3. Breast tenderness– Taking birth control pills causes a stretch in the breast in some women, especially when the medicine is started. Since the pill prevents hormones and is also related to the breast, it is natural to have tenderness in it.

4. Headache and migraine – Some women may have headaches and migraine problems very quickly.

5. Weight gain- Birth control pill can lead to weight gain. Although all this should happen in women, it is not necessary. It is believed that taking a pill increases the body’s ability to hold water, which is called water weight.

6. Mood Change– The side effect of the pill comes in the form of changes in mood and emotion. It mostly occurs in women taking pills.

7. Missed periods– In some women, periods can stop intermittently. Therefore, it is better to use birth control pills with the advice of a doctor.


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