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Parenthood: Here are a few ways to handle situations when we lose our cool with our kids

Parenthood is both lovely and challenging. Every parent enjoys seeing their children develop into wonderful individuals. Yet it can also become difficult. Being parents involves being aware of the need to raise our kids morally while also hoping for the best for them. Nonetheless, these moments frequently arise in Parenthood where parents appear to lose their temper with their kids. It is both organic and kind. While it’s vital to be patient with children, it’s also typical for parents to become irate when children exhibit the same behaviour over and over or when they refuse to listen. Dr. Jazmine McCoy, a psychologist, addressed the topic in an article that stated, “Oftentimes, we lose it because we’re repeating our directives over and over again or unclear of what to do or say when our child refuses to listen.”

Jazmine also provided some advice on what to do if parents start to lose their cool around their kids:

Pause, breathe, and tell yourself something encouraging when you start to get furious. This is one of the most effective things we can do. Our conduct and emotions are also influenced by the inner dialogue we have with ourselves.

Consider the situation from the viewpoint of a child: We typically lose our temper because we view events from our own perspective. Nevertheless, if we take a step back and attempt to see the child’s viewpoint, we will gain a better understanding and be able to handle the problem.

If we lose our composure, we must accept responsibility for it and extend our sincere apologies. This guarantees responsible parenting.

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Process what occurred: After the event, it is crucial to revisit it and talk to your child about it. Recognize their feelings and make an effort to comprehend their feelings.

Address things differently: It always works to make a plan with your child for how to deal with similar problems in the future in a better and healthier way.

Forgive yourself: We frequently experience a wave of guilt when we lose our cool with our children. Even if it is normal, we should practise self-forgiveness and work to handle situations better in the future.


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