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Ankita Lokhande spilled the secrets of her happy marriage with Vicky Jain

Actress Ankita Lokhande entered the internet world with her first short film, The Final Coffee, after dominating the TV and film industries. She recently argued that her craft is unaffected by the medium. She continued to be appreciative of the television industry for everything she had now.

Ankita Lokhande plays Iram Qureshi in the short film The Last Coffee, which was also directed by Shoaib Nikash Shah, who also appeared in it. The story centres on Iram and Rehan (Shoaib), who meet for one final cup of coffee before formally divorcing. In Patnitop, Jammu and Kashmir, it takes place.

Your debut short film is here. How did you join the team?

My very close friend Sakshi Seth produced The Final Coffee. She recently began producing. Your pals won’t let you say no. I simply said to her, “Well, I’ll work with you.”

When Shoaib joined the team, he created the script, which I didn’t even open since I trusted him. I enjoyed the name (of the film). I enjoy reading love stories a lot. After hearing the story, I was quite eager to perform.

How has your time working with Shoaib been like? Both the director and the main actor are him.

I’d heard a lot of talk about him. He has previously worked on films. He is very understanding and humble. Shoaib writes as well. He wrote every shayari that was featured in our movie. I was ecstatic to collaborate with him. Working with such people is enjoyable. I had the opportunity to photograph in Patnitop for Sone pe Suhaga (cherry on top). I can’t even begin to describe how lovely it looked when it was snow-covered.

Inform about your nuanced personality. Qureshi, Irum

In a movie, I’ve never played a character quite like this. I got to portray myself there; that was me. I didn’t get the impression that I was a character. All I wanted to do was it. People will continue to love me as they have in the past. Nothing to be concerned about.

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The conflicts that every relationship faces are the basis for the movie. A friendship is held together by a lot more than just cute Instagram photos. How do you and your spouse settle disputes?

Being patient in a relationship, or any relationship for that matter, is crucial in my opinion. I never have the patience to patiently try to comprehend others; I just do what I want. Vicky (Jain), though, helped him convince me that it’s crucial to comprehend your partner as well. Also, comprehend what he or she is experiencing.


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