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Pakodas: Let’s know the story of delicious dumplings that make our tea time interesting

The weather is good and don’t make dumplings. It’s hot… It’s raining… Want to eat something in the snack… The combination of pakodas with tea is definitely tried. The special thing about this dish is that it is completely indigenous and has also been a part of our ancient history. You can try from veg to non-veg dumplings anytime and at any time.

But have you ever wondered how dumplings became a part of our snacks and why we started making our tea time amazing? Let’s answer your question and tell you how these spicy snacks came to India and what is its story.

What is the history of dumplings?

There are many controversies about the history of pakodas. But it is said that the beginning of pakodas appears in Tamil Sangam literature. In the book called Rasoi, it is mentioned that the dumplings were called by the name of Parika. Then the dumplings were prepared in a very different way.

Vegetables and gram flour were usedto make it. In many places, it is mentioned that a round cake made of fried lentils in oil or crispy fried vegetables was called pakoras.
History of Pakodas in India

It is said that after the arrival of the Mughals, the royal chefs made dumplings in many ways such as egg dumplings, mutton dumplings, chicken dumplings, etc. It is said that the name Pakoda was invented during this period. Earlier, dumplings were called pakwat.

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The word was coined by combining words such as pakwa meaning cooked, and wata meaning small piece. It is said that it was the Portuguese who are able to eat potatoes and onion dumplings because they brought potatoes to India in the 16th century.

There are many different forms of dumplings. 

Usually potato dumplings are made, but its taste changes according to the place. Paneer dumplings are often made in Punjab. At the same time, green peas are used  in many places in Delhi to make pakodas delicious.


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