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Nutritious breakfast dishes that are ideal for cold winter mornings

What could be better to start the day than with a hearty and nutritious breakfast? Everyone can agree that a hearty breakfast gets the day started. But for many of us, preparing an opulent breakfast spread is a distant dream. Therefore, we are always looking for quick, easy, and hassle-free solutions. Especially in the winter, we look for robust, straightforward dishes. As a result, we’ve put up a list of breakfast options that are perfect for chilly winter mornings.¬†Look down below.

Gur poha

Gur poha is a popular variety of poha. This dish, which is popular in Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, and Southern India, is essentially a bowl of porridge cooked with coconut, jaggery, and soaked flattened rice. In the South, gur poha is known as jaggery aval (aval means for flattened rice), and Bengalis refer to it as “chire makha” (makha stands for mix).

Bathua Paratha

The bright green leaves of the bathua are nutrient-rich and include vitamins A and C. Bathua is a fantastic addition to the diet because it is packed with antioxidants that boost immunity. Since it contains a lot of fibre, it also helps to relax the digestive system. Which is particularly helpful at this time of year when we are eating heavier, richer foods and engaging in less physical activity. Here is a straightforward bathua paratha recipe that also calls for potatoes to add flavour.

Beetroot Cheela

For you, this beetroot cheela is ideal. Because of its vivid pink-red colour, this cheela is not only attractive to look at but is also a nutrient-rich food. This cheela requires less oil to prepare because it is made of besan, oat flour, and beetroot puree. For breakfast, lunch, or perhaps dinner, try this Beetroot Cheela dish. It goes well with any dip, so choose one you like. Please give this recipe a try, give it a rating, and let us know how it turned out.

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Aloo Methi Paratha

The well adored stuffed paratha recipe is made with a wonderful mix of ingredients called “aloo methi.” Everyone loves paratha, and this dish is ideal for brunch on Sunday. The classic Aloo paratha is a favourite among many, but adding some methi gives it a lovely variation.


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