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Myths Relating to IUDs, Variety Of IUDs and What IUDs Made of?

Have you heard that using an IUD could render you infertile? Here are some myths and truths dispelled by a gynaecologist. In India, women who want to avoid unintended pregnancies have the option of using an IUD, also known as an intrauterine device or intrauterine contraceptive device. It is one of the few procedures that provides pregnancy prevention for a number of years rather than just once.
Variety Of IUDs
IUDs come in a variety of varieties, which is a question that is frequently asked. The copper IUD and the hormonal IUD are the two alternatives available to women in India, according to Dr. Thukral.
What IUDs Made of Copper Do?
Eggs and sperm are susceptible to the inflammatory response that copper coils in an IUD cause. It aids in preventing unintended pregnancies. The non-hormonal choice is this.
What Functions Do a Hormonal IUD?
An IUD that distributes progestin into the uterus to prevent pregnancy has a plastic frame. The hormone thins the endometrial lining, thickens mucus, or partially inhibits ovulation. These all work together to keep the egg from fertilising.
Depending on the type you pick and how long you want to avoid getting pregnant, both types of IUDs are effective for three, five, or ten years.
Myths Relating to IUDs
Myth 1: A displaced IUD can occur
One of the most widespread misconceptions about IUDs, according to Dr. Thukral, is that they can become dislodged. Somehow, many seem to think the contraption can go from the uterus to the stomach or even the chest.
Once the device is placed within the uterus, it remains there “like a seed inside a shell,” the expert continued. Additionally, she assured us that the likelihood of a hole or the gadget ejecting from the body is quite low.
Myth 2: IUDs may contribute to infertility
IUDs with infertility: Is this possible? On Google, this is one of the commonly requested queries. According to Dr. Thukral, this is a typical misunderstanding that people have and it is untrue.
Most of the time, inserting an IUD is risk-free, and medical professionals take precautions to prevent pelvic infections. Once within the body, the device performs its task without interfering with the operation of other organs.

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Myth 3: Using an IUD could result in an ectopic pregnancy
An ectopic pregnancy first appears when the fertilised egg implants itself outside the uterus. The fallopian tube may also contain it. A doctor always checks to make sure there isn’t an ectopic pregnancy once conception occurs.

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