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Kerala: Popular temples of Kerala that are worth the visit to God’s own country.

Kerala is a region well known for its serenity. This state’s southernmost section is home to some of the oldest temples, which serve as reliable historical markers. Look at these well-known Keralan temples that you ought to see when you next travel there.
Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple
The Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, one of the ancient mountain shrines, is situated on the virgin hill of Sabari in the Ranni-Perunad hamlet in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Millions of pilgrims travel there each year from all across the nation and abroad. Sabarimala pilgrimages are distinct from other sacred treks. Visitors to Sabarimala wear blue or black clothing, dab sandal paste on their foreheads, and hold off on shaving until they have finished their pilgrimage.
Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple
The Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple may be found in Thiruvananthapuram. The temple, which was constructed in the eighth century in the manner of Dravidian architecture, honours the Hindu deity Vishnu. The most well-known temple in Kerala and one of the finest specimens of Dravidian architecture is Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple. The Alpashi and Panguni festivals are the two greatest times to visit this location.
 Attukal Bhagavathy Temple
Attukal Bhagavathy is another well-known temple in Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Kannaki, regarded as the Supreme Mother and the architect of all life on Earth and an avatar of Parvati. Millions of women from all over India prepare Pongala, an indigenous sweet dish made of rice, jaggery, and coconut, during this ten-day celebration.
Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple
The 17th-century Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, which is devoted to Lord Krishna, was constructed. To worship Unni Krishna, people travel here (the child form of Lord Krishna). The Ambalapuzha Temple Festival and the Arattu Festival are the two ideal times to visit this temple.

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Udiyanoor Devi Temple
Udiyanoor Devi Temple is another destination of worship in Thiruvananthapuram. It is a well-known Shiva temple for Hindus in Kerala.  Lord Ganesha, Nagaraja, Dharma Sastha, and Sri Madan Thampuran are all revered at this temple as well. The three main holidays observed here are Thrikkodiyettu, Pongala Mahotsav, and Urootu Mahotsav.

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