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Mustard greens: Let’s make it even more delicious.

Mustard greens and corn bread, just what else you need! In winter, it is a staple food that has become a tradition to make. There are a lot of reasons behind making it. One, it is very healthy, because green vegetables are added to it and then it is prepared in ghee. It warms your body in winter and also gives many benefits. Its pair looks good with corn bread. The combination of corn bread and mustard greens is tremendous and so you can not live without eating it.

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1. Kasuri Methi
This is nothing new. Most people use it to give flavor to their food. Have you ever seen it mixed in mustard greens? If not, then definitely try this tip once. But let us tell you how to mix it in mustard greens for better taste. When you heat ghee, add 1 teaspoon kasuri fenugreek and saute it for 2 seconds. After this, remove it from the plate. When the are ready, add this sautéed kasuri fenugreek and mix it.
2. Desi Ghee
Mustard greens are not made in oil, but still some people use oil in it. If you want to enhance its taste, then use pure desi ghee to make it. Greens absorb the flavor of ghee, which is very good to eat. At the same time, when the greens are removed to serve, use fresh white butter (white butter recipe) instead of common butter. If your family doesn’t keep licking your fingers, say no.
3. Turnip
This may sound a little strange, but turnips can enhance the taste of your greens even more. In many areas, boiled turnip pieces are also used while making mustard greens. Because turnips are a root vegetable, they have a very high flavor.
4. Fresh Cream/Cream
This method is not traditional, but if you want to eat creamy and thick mustard greens, then mix a little fresh cream in it. When cooking mustard, add 1 tablespoon of cream and run it well. Your cream will be well mixed with mustard and the texture that will be of greens will look very good to you.

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