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More women suffer from depression than men, know its symptoms.

Depression is a mental problem that often goes unnoticed. When there is any kind of injury in the body, if there is any problem, we treat it but do not pay attention to this condition related to the mind. Depression is a condition that can cause many types of problems. Like our physical health, mental health is also very important. The problem of depression has become very common in today’s time, but still many times people do not talk about it due to hesitation. Even after seeing the signs of depression, people often do not understand it, due to which this problem increases further. It is more common in women than men. The symptoms of depression sometimes appear slowly and over time it can take a dangerous form.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. The purpose behind this is to make people aware behind mental health. There can be many reasons for depression in women, including gender gap, inferiority complex, hormonal changes and postpartum depression. Dietician Neha Mahajan has told about the symptoms of depression in women on her Instagram account. Let’s know about this.

Mood swings problem

This is the most common symptom of depression in women. Mood swings also occur during periods, but if you are having excessive mood swings, you feel irritable about anything, sometimes you cry without talking, then you need to be alert.

Not interested in anything

When you have depression, you also stop getting interested in your favorite things. If you are not feeling interested in anything, your interest in everything is going to end, watching your favorite movie, hanging out with friends, everything seems useless, then it can be a symptom of depression.

Lack of sleep

Depression can cause sleep problems. Often women who have depression stay awake late at night and are worried about their past or their present, and tomorrow. Thinking about anything, believing yourself to be guilty of everything wrong is also a symptom of depression.

Feeling uneasy

Due to This, women often feel uneasy. Many times anxiety increases so much that it becomes difficult to control it. Apart from this, you may always feel tired due to depression.

What to do?

  • If you are seeing symptoms of depression in a woman around you, then give her space. Listen to him and try to understand.
  • Often women become victims of depression due to not being able to speak their heart, due to any trauma or guilt, it is very important to understand their condition.
  • Women suffering from depression often feel lonely. Because of this, they also start getting nervous. Assure them that they are not alone.
  • Try to understand their mental state instead of yelling or getting angry at them.
  • If the symptoms are high, then definitely see a psychiatrist. There is nothing to hesitate or panic about.
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