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Keep this Ayurvedic kit with you during travel, there will be no problem

Many herbs and spices have been considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. They are also used in the treatment of many diseases. Some herbs are considered good for boosting immunity and some for correcting digestion. There are many spices in our kitchen whose importance has also been recognized by Ayurvedic. Many times people start having some health-related problems while traveling.

These include indigestion, vomiting, dizziness, headache, and fatigue. Many times during travel, when we know a place where the temperature is different, its effect on the body starts to appear. You must have kept clothes, makeup and many other things with you in travel, but here we are telling you about ayurvedic travel kits. Some medicines and basic first aid should also be kept with you while traveling. Especially if you have children and elderly people with you, then this should be taken care of.

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To avoid such problems, according to Ayurveda, you should keep some special things with you while traveling. Ayurvedic doctor Nitika Kohli has shared information about this from her Instagram account. Let’s find out.

Rock salt and celery

It is very beneficial for those who have gas or stomach pain problems during travel. Include both of these things in your travel kit. Both of these are used in Ayurveda medicine to overcome problems related to digestion.


Antioxidant properties are found in cumin. It works to relax the muscles. If you are traveling, you can keep it with you in a small air tight container. Along with sesame oil, it also provides relief in stomach pain.

Cloves and cinnamon

Both of these things work as a natural mouth freshener. It is helpful in removing the bad smell coming from the mouth. Both things are also considered good for digestion. Both of these also have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Cinnamon is also beneficial in controlling body pain and period pain.


Ghee is great for keeping the skin moisturized naturally. It is also beneficial in the problem of constipation. Ghee also helps in balancing the three defects of our body vata, pitta and kapha.

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