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This is the most expensive coffee, sold at 50000 thousand rupees per kg

If I go to a good coffee cafe with my friends, it is not a big deal to spend 1000-1500 rupees. Even after this, it continues in the mind that you could make better coffee at home and drink it. Yes, for coffee drinkers, its price does not matter. But do you also have coffee that is called the world’s most expensive coffee?

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If you think that what would be more expensive than 600-700 rupees a cup of them, then you are wrong. This coffee is much more expensive and the price of a cup of it in the US is 6500 rupees. The name of this coffee is Kopi Luwak Coffee and the reason for its being expensive is that its beans are very sweet.

Let us tell you in detail about this coffee in this article today. Also, know if just its sweetness is the reason for its expensive?

What is Kopi Luwak Coffee?

Coffee in Indonesian is called kopi. Luwak is the Indonesian name for the Asian palm civet found in Southeast Asia. It is a cat species animal. Similarly, Kopi Luwak is Indonesian coffee made from civet poop. Actually, these beans are eaten by civets and after partially digesting when they come out of the toilet, farmers harvest them. The beans are collected after cleaning and processing it. In this way, these beans are very expensive.

Why is coffee expensive?

Kopi Luwak coffee has a high price because it is produced by traditional methods. In addition, its production takes a lot of time and energy. Unlike other coffee beans, the process of cultivation of kopi luwak beans is quite different. Civets first eat coffee berries and ferment it in their intestines. Due to the digestive enzymes in the digestive tract of the civet, the proteins present in beans are broken down. Since there is a manual way to process it, its cost is also very high.

How is fresh coffee prepared?

Coffee beans are washed very well after they are collected. Once dried in the sun, these beans are washed again to ensure that the coffee shells are thoroughly removed. After this, the process of drying them in the sun is repeated. Care is taken that the coffee beans do not remain moist. The beans are roasted after sorting. Only after this, these coffee beans are transported to different places.

How is Kopi Luwak’s test?

What’s the use of such an expensive coffee if it doesn’t taste different? Talking about its flavor, it has a earthy taste and after roasting it, it gets a very mild flavor of caramel and chocolate . Those who have tasted it say that it is high quality coffee.


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