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Here’s a list of different types of famous chai from Kashmir to Kerala

Wide variety of teas are brewed across the country from Kashmir to Kerala. Here’s a list of  different types of chai to try if you’re a true chai lover. In India, it is not just a beverage but an emotion. There’s something about a cup of tea that instantly lifts our mood. There’s so much more to explore while we are all familiar with the classic masala tea or ‘tapri chai’. Here’re different types of tea you must try.

Noon Chai – Kashmir

Undoubtedly, Kashmiris and their love for tea needs no introduction. They are known to be connoisseurs of tea. Made using gunpowder tea leaves, milk, salt and baking soda, the pink-coloured noon chai or sheer chai is one of their most famous beverages. Addition of dried rose petals and dry fruits gives this tea a royal and luscious taste. Kashmiri noon chai is traditionally served with local breads such as makai roti, lavash, tschot and girda.

Irani Chai – Hyderabad

Irani chai was brought to India by the Persians during the 19th century. The addition of mawa or khoya gives this tea its distinct taste. It is now found across various old cafes in the city. It’s sweet, creamy and milky. You can also add spices like cinnamon and green cardamom to make this chai even more flavourful.

Lebu Cha – Kolkata

Bengal’s own version of spiced tea is Lebu cha. It is made by brewing tea leaves in water and a special mix of masalas. This street-style tea is a zesty infusion of black tea that comes with a hint of lemon. A fresh squeeze of lemon is added to it which gives this chai a tangy kick. Lebu cha is like a desi version of the classic lemon tea. also read:-Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting suffered a cardiac arrest while commentating

Ronga Saah – Assam

Assam serves more than half the country with its rich and aromatic teas. Assam has the world’s largest concentration of tea plantations in the world. Ronga Saah tea is popular for its vibrant red colour and  also for usage of pure tea leaves. This reddish-brown tea is extremely refreshing and has a mild flavour and is known to aid digestion.

Sulaimani Chai – Kerala

This fragrant spiced tea is of Arab origin and is quite popular in South India.This refreshing tea is made from black tea and is served without milk. Prophet Muhammad used to drink this beverage called ghava made with dates and black pepper. The Arabs later changed this ancient recipe to suit their palates.


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