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Delicious makhana parathas can be prepared in just 15 minutes, how? Let’s know.

Delicious and really light to eat, makhana. As a result, if we get hungry, we prefer to solely eat by taking makhanas out of our compartment. Although many different varieties of onions can be made from it, if you’re seeking for a nutritious option for breakfast, you’ll adore this dish.

Yeah, we’re going to show you how to make Makhana Paratha quickly and easily, in just 15 minutes. You won’t feel hungry after consuming this paratha, and the day will go well. Let’s learn the simple recipe now.


Makhana must first be roasted before making paratha. Ghee should be heated in a pan before being added and heated for this. (Recipe for Peanut Butter Makhana)

Add the makhana to the hot ghee and cook over a low flame for 4–5 minutes, or until the makhana is crisp. Run them continually occasionally to prevent makhanas from burning.

Take a makhana in your hand and crunch it to see if it has been properly roasted. When it starts to crunch, the makhanas have been roasted.

In a mixer jar, add the roasted makhana, and pulse until a fine powder forms. Now combine the green coriander, wheat flour, makhana powder, and green chilies in a bowl.

The dough should not be too firm, so add a little water and knead the smooth dough. The paratha won’t become spongy as a result.

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Keep the dough for 15 minutes after kneading it before preparing it. Roll the dough after wrapping it in dry flour.

We’ll put a frying pan on a low heat during this time, add the ghee, and cook the paratha until it’s light brown on both sides.

Remove all of the parathas from the platter, drizzle some ghee on top, and serve immediately with some green chutney. Just your wholesome breakfast is prepared.


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