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Weekend At Avani, Phuket will be a luxurious experience

Avani hotel in Phuket understand very well that Convenience is luxury. Because no matter how great that chandelier looks above your head, you need a good bed to sleep in.
Who wants to leave a view like this in phuket?
For instance, they truly mean it when they advertise that their accommodations offer pool access. You literally only need to take one step from your bedroom to your balcony to access the lovely pool if you live in a villa with a private pool.
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After your swim is over. There is a garden shower and a patio where you can sit and take in the scenery.
If neither of these appeals to you, there is a surprise behind the shower chamber: a hidden outdoor shower! You may opt to take a shower with a variety of excellent goods given by Avani+ Hotels or you can run yourself a nice bath in the large marble tub. The ideal form of treasure hunt only has one access point.
When everything is ready, you can ask the hotel staff to set up a buggy to drive you to the beach. You can have beverages here if you’d like, or you can just relax and take in the uninterrupted ocean view.
You’d definitely be hungry by now, and there are lots of options to satisfy your cravings.
Inside the building is a restaurant by the name of Talad, which is constantly humming with conversation from visitors. I ate breakfast here every day during my stay, and I have zero issues about the meal at all.
You can choose food from the fantastic menu at the nearby Claws and Co. restaurant if you wish to continue exploring.
The spa is extremely relaxing.
The spa centre is tucked away in a lovely corner of the hotel, and you can feel the relaxing vibe as soon as you walk in. Then you’re asked to fill out a simple form, and that’s it. It’s difficult not to feel light when a concoction of magical oils is spread on your skin by a skilled masseuse.

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