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Let’s know about mysterious place why it is so famous

Mysterious place: Every corner of the world is still full of some strange mysteries. There are many mysterious places in every corner of the world that after reading and hearing about them, a person falls into thinking for some time.

There is one such mysterious place in England that is discussed globally. After hearing about this mysterious place, almost everyone thinks for a few minutes that something similar can happen in the 21st.

Stonehenge in England

The mysterious place that is being talked about in England is named Stonehenge. When it comes to mysterious places present in the world, its name is definitely taken. Stonehenge has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

History of Stonehenge

The history of Stonehenge is very interesting. The history of the rocks present in Stonehenge is believed to be more than 5 thousand years old. Many people also believe that it was built in prehistoric times. Some others say that the history of these mysterious rocks is older than the Bronze Age.

What is Stonehenge?

It is very important to know what Stonehenge is. Actually, Stonehenge is a group of rocks. The weight of each rock present here is up to about 50 tons. These rocks are erected under a structure.

The height of the giant rocks present in Stonehenge is said to be about 23 feet. All the rocks present here were erected and constructed in a sphere. Some experts believe that blue stones have also been used in rocks.

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The mysterious stories of Stonehenge

It remains a mysterious place for people because, people believe that 5,<> years ago, humans had neither a modern machine nor any kind of tool, yet how these rocks could have been erected.

Another myth about Stonehenge is that the rocks present here were erected by aliens. Pits around Stonehenge lay a trap which is a mysterious place for salonians. The length and width of these pits are also staggering. Apart from this, there is another mysterious story about Stonehenge that touching it removes many diseases.


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