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Henry Cavill to not play Superman, confirms British actor

Actor Henry Cavill won’t appear in the upcoming Superman film that James Gunn, co-chairman of DC Studios and Guardian of the Galaxy director, is writing. The actor admitted that after recently announcing his comeback to the Superman role, the news wasn’t the best for him.
Last week, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on twitter to celebrate Black Adam taking the top spot on the iTunes movie chart.
He discussed the movie’s box office success and announced that the movie will continue to play in theaters throughout the holiday season. Johnson also shared new details about how hard he had to fight to convince Warner Bros. to bring back Henry Cavill to play Superman in the post-credits scene. Also read:Things You Must Know Before Entering Bigg Boss 16 House
Johnson said that no matter how many different ways the studio tried to approach the future of the DC universe, he knew that fans were always going to ask the same question: “Where’s Superman?” He also said that recasting the role was never an option.
The upcoming Superman film will concentrate on the hero’s formative years and intends to take the character in a fresh direction.
Cavill, who has been portraying Superman since the 2013 film Man of Steel, had his final appearance as the character in a cameo in the Black Adam movie just a few months ago.
On Wednesday, Cavill posted on Instagram that Gunn and his co-chair, Peter Safran, had visited with him and had informed him that he will not be “returning as Superman.” The studio had previously instructed him to announce his return to the role in October, so he said, “News isn’t the simplest.” He wished James, Peter, and everyone else involved “the happiest of fortune,” but he added that he respected the choice.
According to media sources, Gunn will not only write the movie but also perhaps direct it.

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