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This is a very interesting story of the Sharda river, know the place of origin and facts related to it.

Sharda River Origin: Whenever the history of ancient India is read, the rivers present in this country are definitely mentioned. For example, indus river, ganga river or kaveri river are mentioned almost every time.

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Some of the rivers present in India act not only strategically but also as a lifeline for many states and cities. Although many rivers originate from Uttarakhand, but the Sharda River is considered very special.

If you want to know about the origin of the Sharda river and some interesting facts related to it, then you must read this article. Let’s know.

Origin of Shardaa River

One of the principal rivers of Uttarakhand is thought to be the Sharda River, which flows through India. The Himalayan mountain ranges in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region are where this river gets its start. This river is about 350 kilometres long.

According to rumours, the region where it originated is also known as Kalapani. The border between India and Tibet is where this river originates. Many people also refer to this river as the Mahakali River.

How did the river get its name ?

There is a very interesting story behind how the river got its name Sharda. It is said that there is a temple of Mother Kali at the place from where this river originates. Hence it is known as Mahakali River.

However, as soon as this river leaves its source, it becomes known as Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. Because of this, it is frequently referred to as the Sharda River. It is referred to as the Mahakali and Sharda Rivers in both Nepal and Tibet.

One of Uttarakhand’s four principal rivers is the Sharda River. This river flows through the towns of Dharchula, Jauljibi, Jhulaghat, Tawaghat, Tanakpur, and Panchameshwar after starting in Kalapani.

According to legend, the  River divides India and Nepal at the Pilibhit border. Let us inform you that this river merges with the Ramganga and Saryu rivers close to Panchameshwar, where it is known as the Sharda or Saryu River.

Dams on sharda river

Several dams are also present on this major river. The first irrigation project on the river is said to have built a dam between British India and Nepal in the 1920s. This dam is still used for irrigation and electricity purpose in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, a barrage has also been constructed in Tanakpur where tourists keep arriving to visit.

Other facts related.

Dudhwa National Park, located on the banks of the  river in Uttar Pradesh, is very special for tourists. Similarly, Shukla Fanta National Park is present on the banks of sharda river in Nepla. In places like Jauljibi and Tanakpur, thousands of tourists arrive for river rafting in this river.


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