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Symptoms in the body due to excessive consumption of protein.

You must have heard that excessive consumption of anything is harmful to health. The same goes for protein. The body needs protein to function well. But eating more protein has a bad effect on health.

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Protein is important but with essential nutrients  such consumption as fat and carbohydrates in the diet. Most people follow a high-protein diet because it is necessary to maintain and increase muscle mass. But forgetting to include other nutrients in the diet along with protein, doing so can harm health. Why protein is important for the body and what are the symptoms in the body when there is a lack of protein, let’s know-.
Why is protein important?

Protein is essential to make the body healthy and strong. It improves the health of hair, nails, bones and muscles and helps tissues and organs to work. Also, proteins help in making many types of enzymes, chemicals and hormones present in the body. Protein gives energy to the body. In addition, protein is made from amina acid, it is necessary for the immune system.

Lack of protein in the body causes pain in the body and joints along with fatigue. Lack of protein also causes problems related to hair and nails. That’s why people start consuming it in large quantities. But do you know that when it is taken in excess, it causes health-related problems. Dietician Kanuppreet Arora Narang is telling us about these problems.

Frequent urination

If you feel that you get urine again and again consumption, it may be due to taking more protein. When there is extra protein in the body, the kidneys have to work harder to remove its excess amount and nitrogen waste from the body through urine.

Mood swings

Carbohydrates act as fuel for the brain and release a hormone called serotonin. This hormone makes us feel happy. At the same time, the lack of carbohydrateaffects mental health and energy level. Along with this, consuming more protein makes you feel depressed.

Sudden weight gain

If you are taking a lot of protein in the food, but are not taking enough other nutrients, then it causes weight gain suddenly.


High protein diet means a low-fiber and low-carb diet. It can easily lead to digestive problems like constipation, nausea and diarrhea etc. Protein is heavy to digest and digests late. Also, consuming too much protein can cause cramps and bloating.


If you are one of those people who get eight hours of sleep every night, consuming too much protein can make you feel tired. Excess protein puts pressure on the kidneys, liver and bones, which causes it to work more. Also, eating too few carbs can affect the brain, making us not able to stay energetic daily.

Bad breath

If your breath constantly smells, it is a sign that you are taking too much protein. This happens because you limit your intake of carbs to boost protein intake. When there is a lack of carbs, the body produces energy from other sources, which produces chemicals, which cause bad breath.

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