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The Best List of Places Where to celebrate Holi 2023 in India.

It’s time to get ready for Holi by packing your bags and making travel arrangements for a long weekend. The festival is typically observed at home, so why not try something different this year? Investigate other Indian cities known for their Holi celebrations.

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Mathura & Vrindavan

When it comes to celebrating Holi, Mathura and Vrindavan are the two most sought-after cities in India. Lord Krishna’s followers enthusiastically bid winter adieu and welcome spring. Locals celebrate Holi with flowers on the day before the festival. You would enjoy taking part in the festivities that surround the Banke Bihari Temple. Additionally, widows who are forbidden from participating in the festivities or being around colour play Holi.


The six-day Yaoshang Festival celebration in Manipur includes Holi. It is a cultural event where you can see vibrant colours, folk music, dancing, and mouthwatering treats. You can arrange a trip to this Northeastern state for this Holi.


In Shantiniketan, Rabindranath Tagore established the Holi festival. The celebration has since spread throughout the entire state of West Bengal. People congregate at various community locations, paint each other’s faces, and dance wildly.


You should also include Barsana, which is close to Mathura, on your list of places to visit if you want to see the extravagant Holi celebrations. Lathmar Holi is its claim to fame. Married women would jokingly use laathis to beat their husbands. No one is intended to be harmed. It represents the little arguments that exist between partners, except that in this instance, the arguments take place outside on the streets.


Every year, the royal and elaborate Holi celebration takes place in Udaipur. It is a well-known fact that the Maharaja of Mewar frequently welcomes dignitaries, tourists, and other guests to the Royal City Palace. People congregate around lit bonfires in various parts of the city while dressed in traditional Rajasthani garb, including members of the royal family.¬†As a result, good triumphs over evil. In the evening, fireworks fill Udaipur’s skyline.


There aren’t many cities in the southern Indian states that celebrate Holi. Hampi in Karnataka is an exception, though. People congregate here to colour each other’s faces with powder. Holi is also celebrated in Hampi with loud music and dancing.

New Delhi

When asked where they should celebrate Holi, most people say New Delhi. Large pandals are built in neighbourhoods all over the capital, whether you live in the North, South, East, or West. DJs are present at celebrations, and people dance wildly while savouring delectable food and beverages.


Jaipur is known for providing many locations for people to celebrate the festival of colours. Through these activities, the Rajasthani government promotes tourism. Huge crowds of locals and visitors who want to take in the festival frequent the lawns of the Khasa Kothi Hotel. You can discover everything from musical events to Rajasthani folk dance.


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