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Skin-to-skin contact is crucial for both a mother and her baby

Whether you’re a new mother or expecting a child, you’ve probably heard the phrase “skin-to-skin contact.” In addition to the prenatal advice that expectant women are advised to follow, they are also given postpartum advice, one of which is to provide their child with skin-to-skin contact or kangaroo mother care.

Skin-to-Skin Contact: What Is It?

The newborn is cleaned off and placed straight on the mother’s exposed chest right after delivery. A cosy blanket is wrapped around the mother and the infant. It is advised that the mother engage in skin to skin contact for at least an hour, or until the infant is prepared for the first feeding. Within ten minutes of delivery, skin to skin contact occurs, and it is occasionally advised to do so within 24 hours.

Skin-to-Skin Contact Following Birth: Advantages

After spending so much time in the mother’s womb, our expert noted that skin-to-skin contact helps the infant acclimatise to his or her surroundings. There are other advantages for the baby of skin-to-skin contact. It aids the mother in starting and maintaining breastfeeding. It encourages the mother and child to become close. Following delivery, skin-to-skin contact aids in calming both the mother and the newborn. It aids in preventing infections and the colonisation of dangerous germs in the newborn’s system. Early mother-baby skin-to-skin contact aids in the start of breastfeeding.

Kangaroo Mother Care For Preterm And Low Birthweight Infants

Our specialist added that babies who are premature or have a low birth weight require extra attention. During their first few days in the NICU, such infants are kept warm in an incubator. Mothers are asked to provide KMC, or Kangaroo Mother Care, to the newborn once the infant’s weight and health are stable. In KMC, an unique broad strap is used to wrap the infants around their mother’s chest. According to this method, the infant will remain as warm as they would in an incubator.

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Advantages Of KMC

The baby’s respiration, heart rate, and temperature are all controlled by KMC.
The procedure promotes the oxygenation, development, and reduction of stress in the babies. Babies that receive KMC spend less time in the hospital. Following the kangaroo mother care technique, babies also benefit from improved exclusive breastfeeding. Some infants also receive longer stretches of breastfeeding.


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