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Road trip: Have you ever wondered if you can travel abroad via roadways from India?

Are you aware that you can take a road trip from India to another country? In 2023, you should let your inner road trip enthusiast out and organise an exciting vacation with your significant other, your family, or your friends.

We provide suggestions for international locations that are accessible by road from India in order to save you the hassle of conducting your own research.


India and Turkey are separated by more than 4,500 kilometres, and Indians are permitted to drive. This distance can be travelled by land in at least 15 days. Nevertheless, depending on how much time you spend in Lahore, Quetta, Zahedan, Teheran, Istanbul, and other stopover cities along the way, you may need to lengthen the travel duration. Almost all four seasons would be seen along the way. Pack accordingly.


Only 2,000 kilometres separate Bhutan from New Delhi, India. You may travel the distance and reach the country of lush vegetation and contented inhabitants in roughly 40 hours. On your trip, you will pass via the borders of Phuentsholing, Darangamela-Samdrup Jongkhar, and Bongaigaon-Gelephu.


Traveling to Spain entails travelling more than 7,200 miles. There are no limitations on Indian drivers throughout the nation. Before arriving in Barcelona, you can go through Afghanistan, Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria, and other nations.


India is only about 1,700 miles from Bangladesh. This distance may be travelled by car in 30 hours. Only 80 kilometres separate you from your destination if you are coming from Kolkata. You can reserve a seat in one of the official buses that run between Kolkata and Dhaka if you don’t want to take a private vehicle.

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Do you yearn for pizza or a dish that features burrata? You should organise a road trip to Italy rather than eating at an Italian restaurant in India. Around 6,000 kilometres would need to be travelled. To get there, you’ll need to pass the borders of several nations, including Romania, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Yet everything will be worthwhile.


There are roughly 1,000 kilometres between New Delhi and Nepal. You must pass through Varanasi or Gorakhpur to get there. The road journey would include visiting Siliguri and crossing the Panitanki border if you were travelling from Kolkata. You absolutely must stop at the Chitwan National Park on your way to the neighbouring nation.


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