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Rising mental health issues among GenZ

It is because as a GenZ. I feel it is high time that Indian parents wake up and consider various aspects of their teens’ life. I think mental health is one of the biggest concerns that we as a country are dealing with today, especially the GenZ. The easily debatable lifestyle, pressure to overachieve. Being a teen under societal pressures and constant scrutiny on social media is a lot that we deal with every single day.

It is literally the full stop at the end of the line.

It is a lot of pressure to put on a student who is also dealing with changes during adolescence. Some teens can also be vicious bullies at this stage and do not leave a chance to bring down a person. Even if you do not understand why our lives revolve around Instagram, Snapchat or any such platform. You should at least acknowledge the fact that it is important to us and affects us. It is not our fault that we were born at a time when mobile phones and the internet were already there in the world. It is not our fault that we had access to smartphones, social media and YouTube at such an early stage then your generation.

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