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Once a railway station in Spain, now a luxurious hotel open by Barcelo hotel group

Deep in the Aragon valley Spain, a magnificent, towering structure stands against the backdrop of the Pyrenees mountains, which are covered in snow. Welcome to Canfranc Station, a former train station that is now a posh hotel.

The hotel is located in Spain, but not far from the French border.

Canfranc Station opened as an extravagant rail hub in 1928, with an inaugural ceremony attended by both the King of Spain and the President of the French Republic.

A beautiful, tall edifice stands against the snow-capped Pyrenees mountains in the heart of the Aragon valley. Welcome to Canfranc Station, a deluxe hotel that was formerly a train station.

Although in Spain, the hotel is not far from the French border. In 1928, the king of Spain and the president of the French Republic both attended the opening ceremony of Canfranc Station, which was a lavish rail hub. Canfranc observed arrests, espionage, and gold trafficking during World War Two. The station has shut its doors by 1970.

The station was abandoned for many years until construction on turning the still-beautiful but long-forgotten structure into a hotel run by the Barcelo Hotel Group began. Canfranc Station opened its doors to its first visitors in January 2023 after years of restoration.

Photographers came to the station

Railway and historical enthusiasts now have a new place to visit. Canfranc Mayor Fernando S├ínchez Morales reports that residents have reacted to the launch “with excitement.” Photographers came to the station, created by Spanish architect Fernando Ramirez de Dampierre, eager to capture a forgotten piece of European train history, even as it was in ruins.

The hotel may have been more alluring in this creepy, decaying state. According to some who find beauty in abandoned buildings. Nonetheless, Canfranc Station also looks fantastic following renovations and is already luring hotel guests.

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Some years ago, architect Thomas O’Hare found Canfranc Station by accident. O’Hare promised to return when it was finished after learning that the abandoned rail terminal would be converted into a hotel.

O’Hare, who resides in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is currently staying at the hotel with his family while on holiday.

According to O’Hare, who spoke to CNN Travel, “the exterior is incredibly opulent and really provides the idea of travel from a another period.” In one of Spain’s oldest ski resorts, Candanchu, which is close to the hotel, the O’Hares spend their days skiing.


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